It is the recognised national representative body for the textile industry. It is financed entirely from members’ subscriptions, entrance fees and surpluses arising from specific activities. Membership is drawn from all sectors of the textile and apparel manufacturing, both large and small covering the fibre, spinning, weaving, knitting, garment-making, industrial textile/accessories sectors. The present membership represents a combined paid up capital equivalent to more than 80 percent of the total equity of the textile industry in the country.

The primary objective of MTMA is to protect and promote the interests of its members.

Specifically, the objectives are: -

·         to promote, preserve and protect the interests of all textile and apparel manufacturers in Malaysia

·         to act as a spokesman for the textile and apparel manufacturing sector in its liaison with the government, private sector bodies and other relevant institutions .

·         to assist the textile and apparel industry to increase productivity and business efficiency.

·         to provide a focal point for its members to meet, discuss and solve common problems.

·         to obtain and disseminate relevant information to members.

·         To undertake other activities beneficial to members

MTMA role can be viewed from three aspects:

1. Representational

Maintaining constant contact and regular dialogue with the Government is one of the most important functions of MTMA.  Such communications are vital for MTMA to effectively represent and promote the interests and welfare of the textile and apparel industry.

2. Consultative

Another important aspect of MTMA’s work is its consultative role vis-à-vis the Government. There has to be a partnership between Government and industry to sustain the success of industrialisation where one depends on the goodwill and effort of the other. Successful industrialisation depends largely and primarily on the sustenance of an attractive investment climate within which industry can work freely and effectively.

MTMA is represented on a number of Committees on matters related to the textile and apparel industry such as the Industry Standard Committee  (ISC) of Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), Department of Standards Management (DSM), the Human Resources Development Berhad (HRDB), the Management Committee of the Industrial Technical Assistance Fund for small and medium industry (ITAF).

3. Servicing

Members are serviced by MTMA on trade opportunities and advices on matters relating to the latest developments on government policies, procedures and relevant areas that have a bearing on the textile and apparel industry.

MTMA also publishes a MTMA Directory that contains comprehensive profiles of member companies. It is the foremost reference to the textile industry in Malaysia and is well distributed to all commercial organisations, trading houses both local and overseas as well as to the Malaysian Trade Offices throughout the world.


Conferences and Seminars

MTMA holds conferences and organizes seminars from time to time to enable members to obtain a clearer understanding of Government policies and procedures thus providing a much-needed forum for an interchange of ideas between the public and private sector.

Trade Promotions

MTMA also organises specific textile exhibitions overseas for the purpose of promoting the Malaysian textile and clothing industry.

ASEAN Economic Cooperation

Recognising the need for Malaysian manufacturers to respond to the Government’s initiatives on ASEAN economic cooperation, MTMA has and will continue to assume an effective role in forging closer economic cooperation among the textile manufacturing sectors in the region through active participation in the ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries (AFTEX), the recognised ASEAN Regional Industry Club.

Training and Skills Development

MTMA works closely with the Malaysian Textile and Apparel Centre (MATAC), a training centre jointly set-up between MTMA and the Government through the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to organise appropriate training programmes to meet the present and future needs of the textile and apparel industry.

MTMA Newsletter

MTMA together with MATAC jointly publish a quarterly newsletter - Textile, Apparel and Fashion News Malaysia, which is circulated to all members and the general public. The newsletter highlights useful updates on domestic and international trade related matters, exhibitions, trade fairs, news and views on the textile and apparel industry.

Endorsement of Certificate of Origin

MTMA has been appointed the authorized body in issuing and endorsing Certificate of Origin for all textile related products by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry since 1990.

Government Forms/Publications

As the recognised organisation representing the textile and apparel-manufacturing sector, the following government forms and agreements are available from the Association:

a)        Malaysia / EU Bilateral Textile Agreement

b)        Malaysia / USA Bilateral Textile Agreement

c)        Malaysia / Canada Bilateral Textile Agreement

d)        Malaysia / Norway Bilateral Textile Agreement

e)        Export License for EU

f)        Export License for Canada (Quota Items)

g)        Export License for Canada (Non-Quota Items)

h)       Certificate of Origin for EU

i)         EU Certificate for Cottage Industry

j)         US Commercial Invoice

k)       MTMA Certificate of Origin

l)         Canada Custom Invoice


Some of the benefits being a MTMA member are: -

• Representation of the industry’s problems and concerns to the Government

• Guidance and advice on matters relating to the textile and apparel industry, e.g. export documentation and procedures

• Latest information on Government policies, incentives, legislations and procedures relating to the textile and apparel industry

• Trade and Business matchmaking through trade enquiries, with overseas and local buyers and manufacturers

• Free listing in the bi-annual MTMA Textile Directory

• Use of MTMA library for foreign trade, economic reports, commercial and business news and statistics

• Circulars

Preferential rates for: -

• Purchase of MTMA Publications and Government Forms printed by MTMA

• Endorsement of Certificate of Origin

• Participation in MTMA Seminars and Training Programmes


To benefit from our programmes and services.

Contact MTMA Secretariat Tel: 603-2162 1587 Fax: 603-2162 5148/2162 3953

E-mail: info@mtma.org.my